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Amira Pertesi

Amira Pertesi is famous fashion designer of women's clothing, born in Sarajevo and raised in Austria. Her creations are reflections of her character and her emotions, through which she speaks and share her feelings and passions.

Amira Pertesi – Designer Luxury Fashion
Project's address:
Web Shop / Business model development
  • Project description

    Famous fashion designer of women's clothing Amira Pertesi needed online web shop. But, beside online store, Amira needed business model for running web shop, because this should be high profile online store built with great attention to every detail - from arrangement of store articles, over hiring professional photography model, to integrating electronic payment.

    We accepted this tedious task and result is visible on www.amirapertesi.com. Design of this online store was hardest part of the project, because we needed to incorporate personality of fashion designer and all particular details of brand that Amira Pertesi carries. And just for this needed hard work online shop Amira Pertesi is one of our favourite projects.

  • Project key points
    • - Business model development
    • - Design of web shop
    • - Development of web shop
    • - WordPress with WooCommerce platform
    • - Integrated payment