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Poslovne novine

Poslovne Novine is analytic company focused on businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. They publish specialistic publication with various business topics, organize business conferences with awards for most successful local companies and publish web portal poslovnenovine.ba.

Poslovne Novine d.o.o.
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Rebranding / Design / Web Development
  • Project description

    Complete redesign of company's visual identity is not easy task, especially if company is 45 years in business and has more than 1300 published publications. Careful consideration of business model, clear understanding of client's customers needs, close cooperation with company management, grasping theirs mindset and insight in future projects are some of the methods we used to bring Poslovne Novine in new era of business analytics and publishing.

    We started redesign of Poslovne Novine publication from standpoint of modern business design, with emphasize on key topics - ranking of business subjects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounding countries. This can be easily seen by comparing old and new front page of Poslovne Novine publication. Another example is 100najvecih project's logo which integrates most recognized symbol of business analysis - pie chart.

    Mitigating circumstance in our work with Poslovne Novine is our involvement in new projects, especially business analytics web portal poslovnenovine.ba. This particular project was very challenging because it involved creation of several web applications for displaying diverse local and regions businesses analytic data. This feature makes poslovnenovine.ba unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    We played key role in designing and organizing two conferences - Pouzdanost and 100najvecih, with accompanying publications. Both conferences awarded best business subject in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on various analytics data.

    Continuous cooperation and change of our role from outside contractor to inside advisor is best confirmation of client's contentment with our work. We are currently working on 'Fastest growing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina' and 'Business profiles' projects, and after that… who knows...

  • Project key points
    • - Complete design/rebranding of editorial, conference and web
    • - REST API client for lrcbih.ba business database
    • - '100 Najvecih' publication
    • - WordPress REST API portal integration
    • - Poslovnenovine.ba WordPress web portal with custom responsive theme and custom content management
    • - Pouzdanost.ba conference: banners, videos, presentations, marketing campaign, landing page
    • - 'Gradovi, općine/opštine i biznis' publication
    • - 100najvecih.ba conference: banners, videos, presentations, marketing campaign, landing page